What People Say

Mabel helped me to understand that stress and anxiety can cause poor performance without the right training and preparation. As a Firefighter, my job demands the ability to work in high stress situations and thrive under pressure.

Mabel was amazing in guiding me toward the right balance of preparation and belief in my own skills/abilities, to better serve my community. After my first session, I immediately started to see a decrease in my performance anxiety and an increase in my confidence.

Mabel’s genuine passion and emotional intelligence allows thought provoking questions to develop naturally through conversation. Her caring personality allows you to feel comfortable even when discussing difficult topics. Mabel uses tools such as mindfulness, self reflection, meditation and positive self-talk which enable you to quickly recognize barriers that may be stopping you from achieving the life you want, and the goals you want to achieve.

With Mabel’s help I have been able to get more joy out of life, understand myself better, develop deeper relationships and fast track my professional goals. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to live happier while achieving their professional goals at the same time.
James A.

“Mabel is wonderful. From our first meeting, I was immediately put at ease by her big smile, positive energy, enthusiasm, and insight. She is so patient and takes the time to get to know you and your goals. 

In a welcoming environment, she provides the opportunity for personal growth through exercises and discussions that work with you. I could not be happier with my experience with Mabel. Even now, months after our last appointment, I continue to apply the strategies we developed to my everyday life. 

I highly recommend Mabel and will be working with her again!

Laura K.
Health Care Provider/Educator
"My sessions with Mabel over the past year have been outstanding. She creates such a relaxed and welcoming environment for her clients to share yet challenges me and prompts me outside of my comfort zone at the same time.

Mabel has a fantastic skillset for listening and deciphering what is behind the words that I am saying. Her insights have completely changed my every day thought patterns. I particularly struggled with fear and anxiety of the future and the outcome of plans and events, but Mabel’s sessions have broken down those mental barriers and even allowed me to be excited for them instead!

The ability she has to find out what is draining us from our energy and resources and eliminating them is fantastic. My career, business plans, friendships and mental health have all benefited greatly from her coaching.

Her sessions have made me more efficient in everyday life – I have a much better ability to handle day to day challenges with far less impact to my mental health all thanks to her. I cannot recommend Mabel enough!"
Janusz McNeill
Electrical Engineer
"Dear Mabel, It's been ten days since our last coaching session and I'm still having insights and realizations related to the things that came up.

I really appreciate the way you are leading your sessions and asking the right questions, as it helped me gain a deeper awareness about my self imposed limitations. With help of your kind and very gentle guidance I was able to uncover some of my blind spots. It was the way you were holding space that gave me the necessary trust and courage to look at the things/fears I've been avoiding for years.

Then you helped me find easy ways to deal with these scary "monsters" in a healthy and loving way. What a relief to discover that the fear was worse than the actual "monster" that I was trying to suppress!

All in all I can say that your sessions allowed me to know myself better than before, and this awareness makes my life easier and more enjoyable. Luca Mona"
Luca Mona
Theta Healing Coach
"Working with Mabel has been invaluable. I am in awe of how quickly and consistently she gets to the heart of the matter. Mabel is a brilliant coach. Her vitality and enthusiasm are infectious and her style is relaxed and warm.
I took away many concrete tools and resources and can confidently say I have deeper knowledge of what matters to me.

If you want to be uplifted and inspired to show up for yourself and your community, I cannot recommend working with Mabel enough."
Bianca Mugyenyi
Director, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
"Mabel has been a fantastic coach to work with. She customized the sessions to what was specifically going on for me, rather than having a fixed way of working or a ready-made program. She is professional, compassionate and a great listener. She asks very good and thought-provoking questions that will make you look deep within yourself.

Together we worked on a range of topics and focussed on things like limiting beliefs. With her guidance, it has opened up a new way of looking at myself and the world.
I am very grateful to Mabel and I would definitely recommend her to anyone looking for life coaching''
Illustrator & Designer
"I've had the pleasure of working with Mabel Vonk the last 5 months. I'm a competitive athlete and business leader. I'm a firm believer that to be great we need teachers, mentors, and guides in life. For me, Mabel is all three.

As I've focused on the changes I needed to make, to be the best at what I do, I knew I would uncover challenges within. Dealing with doubt and fear is not an easy task. It gets messy. Mabel has been there to help me see clearly through these experiences. Through being able to help me articulate my "why" to developing resiliency and dealing with the unknown, inevitable challenges that develop in people who are chasing their purpose.
I couldn't imagine doing this now without her.

I would highly recommend anyone who is embarking on change or who needs a clear perspective from someone with a real gift, that you reach out to Mabel."
Business Leader & Competitive Athlete
"I found the coaching sessions with Mabel to be challenging me and hugely beneficial. Her warm manner is combined with an honesty and openness that allowed me see my self sabotaging and blind spots.

She helped me make the changes I needed in order to get out of my own way and allow my business to grow as well as help me feel more connected to others.
Her approach involved diving deep into significant blocks in my mindset that were really holding back my personal and professional growth. I was stuck with a limiting belief around resources that really hindered me but after working with Mabel for just a short time these blocks started to shift as she provided actionable ways to deconstruct these limiting beliefs.

The insights I gained from our work together created a happier relationship for me in terms of time, money and my new life as an entrepreneur. I highly recommend working with Mabel as her life experience, honesty and communication style is invaluable."
“I started working with Mabel because I felt I was at a critical point in my life. Faced with a lot of really big decisions and opportunities, I was quickly becoming overwhelmed with “what do I do now?”

Within a couple of sessions, Mabel helped me realize how much I was clinging to my past and to a version of myself that no longer needed to exist. Her warm coaching style really appealed to me and she put me at ease right away. Because of this, I was able to really dig deep and get vulnerable (which is where the revelations come). I also appreciated her care and attention outside of our coaching calls -- Mabel invests and cares about you.

Since working with Mabel, I am more present in my life and taking on bigger challenges. I have also learned how to say no and prioritize what’s important to me. I’ve found a renewed energy in my life and work where before I was feeling drained, tired, overwhelmed and lost.

After just one session with Mabel, people in my life noticed a significant shift -- I was calmer, more focused and present in every relationship."
"I have been blown away by my sessions with Mabel! She creates a wonderfully welcoming space where I feel taken care of, encouraged and challenged.
I have learned so much about myself and am far more equipped to seek the life that I want, building it with the tools Mabel has equipped me with and the insights she has drawn out from within me.

Mabel is incredibly gifted in uncovering what makes you "tick", working really hard not to impose her own ideas, but instead taking the time to truly understand and bring out her clients' true selves.

A few words to describe my experience with Mabel: enlightening, encouraging, intentional and transformational."

“Working with Mabel was a real pleasure. Her insight on what makes humans connect with you and with your ideas is incredible and I really enjoyed her collaborative and insightful coaching style. She also brought a thorough understanding about what adds value for my clients and that guidance was astoundingly helpful in creating my business.

I will definitely work with Mabel again in the near future! I highly recommend her to everyone who wants to improve the quality of their business relationships, work and life in general.”

Kat H
Educator, Entrepreneur, Business Owner

"Mabel is an extraordinary Coach. I full heartedly recommend working with her when you want to live your life to the fullest. She is warmhearted, very empathic and caring and knows how to bring out your full potential.

I was fortunate to have had some sessions with her and was able to discover what lies beyond my fears and self-doubts. Her approach is gentle and straight forward at the same time, which enabled me to feel safe and empowered.

Thank you Mabel!"