Your Team & Leadership

Developing your Leaders

When people get to the top of their field, it can be hard to ask for help as it often hooks into our personal myths around weakness or fears of inadequacy. This is especially important in a fast growing company where new leaders are coming on board and current leaders are accelerating into new roles. 

Leadership Coaching will provide you with a whole system focus that can achieve transformation in your company. Leaders are at the heart of culture and organizations thrive when leaders are demonstrating the behaviours that influence outcomes.

As your coach, I will customize one-on-one personal and professional development opportunities for your emerging and seasoned leaders. This provides an excellent option for developing your leadership talent across your organization.

Leadership Coaching Includes...

Does your team resist change?

Need tools to deal with power struggles and conflict?

Want to work proactively instead of putting out fires?

Want to move your people in the same direction?

Want to develop a highly collaborative team?

Team coaching is for those teams who believe that meaningful and lasting change comes from powerful relationships and getting practice at being comfortable in the uncomfortable together through real conversations. This amplifies the power of relationship internally as a team and externally with a range of stakeholders.

My Team Coaching uses Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching (ORSC) strategies that give us a whole new way to foster awareness and connection between people, teams, organizations, communities and with the world. Learning to tap into the information, wisdom and energy of the whole system is both powerful and effective in navigating constant and inevitable change; the hallmark of organizational health.

Team Coaching Includes...