Hi I'm Mabel - I help people feel connected, alive and thrive

I help people, couples, leaders move from anxiety and stress to a life of well-being and aliveness. Both in themselves and in their relationships. 

When we experience too much anxiety or disconnection too often it indicates we have needs that are not getting met. And most important of all, there are dreams not being lived. 

I believe that when we live a life centered in authentic connection we can actually be in service of our community, our business, our family – our dreams. This is how we make the world a better, more peaceful and beautiful place to live for everyone.


In all my transformational engagements I create atmospheres of greatness for you to thrive in. My approach is based in the latest neuroscience, Interpersonal Neurobiology, Relationship Systems Coaching, Emotional Agility, Non-Violent Communication, Buddhist teachings and Internal Family Systems.

Thru gentle, insightful conversation and honest – sometimes playful – explorations together we quickly increase your capacity to be with your humanity and expand your capacity for feeling alive and connected. This is key to fully stand in our power, be grounded and confident in our ability to do what’s most important in life, which is to step forward to what matters, step forward into your values, step forward into the kind of love and relations you want and go after the life you know you need to live.

If you are feeling anxious, stuck, disconnected and want big change, then send me an email and we’ll set it up. Looking forward to it!         

“Beyond right thinking, beyond wrong thinking, there is a field, I will meet you there.” – Rumi


Janusz McNeill
Janusz McNeillEngineer (Canada)
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"I particularly struggled with fear and anxiety of the future and the outcome of plans and events, but Mabel’s sessions have broken down those mental barriers and even allowed me to be excited for them instead!"
Bianca Mugyenyi
Bianca MugyenyiDirector, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
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"If you want to be uplifted and inspired to show up for yourself and your community, I cannot recommend working with Mabel enough."
Shane Smyth MA, RP, OACCPP
Shane Smyth MA, RP, OACCPP Founder of Spacious Mind Couselling
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"Mabel's warm manner is combined with an honesty and openness that allowed me see my self sabotaging and blind spots. She helped me make the changes I needed in order to get out of my own way and allow my business to grow as well as help me feel more connected to others."
Amy Aitman
Amy AitmanCo-founder, Change Creator, Co-Creator, The Captivate Method
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"Since working with Mabel, I am more present in my life and taking on bigger challenges. I have also learned how to say no and prioritize what’s important to me. I’ve found a renewed energy in my life and work where before I was feeling drained, tired, overwhelmed and lost."
ChrisBusiness Leader & Competitive Athlete
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"I'm a firm believer that to be great we need teachers, mentors, and guides in life. For me, Mabel is all three."