Hi I'm Mabel - Leadership and Team Coach for Social Change Makers

      Are you currently:
  • operating below your capacity and worried someone will notice?
  • feeling like a fraud or imposter?
  • surrounded by colleagues, yet you feel lonely and disconnected?
  • frustrated with your team as they are just not “getting it”?
  • dealing with power struggles?
  • putting out fires instead of creating highly collaborative teams?

When people get to the top of their field, it can be hard to ask for help as it often hooks into our personal myths around weakness or fears of inadequacy… But does your vision for making this world the best place to live and dedication to your craft leave you wanting – AND READY – to create more?


  • wake up excited to take on risks and conquer your fears
  • have people be drawn to you and your ideas? 
  • find your team, colleagues and superiors following your lead
  • work to make a positive difference in other people’s lives? 
  • be ecstatic for serving something larger than yourself? 
  • know you belong
  • experience true connection in all your relationships
  • move your people in the same direction
  • create highly collaborative teams?  
Then we should have a powerful conversation…
Janusz McNeill
Janusz McNeillEngineer (Canada)
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"I particularly struggled with fear and anxiety of the future and the outcome of plans and events, but Mabel’s sessions have broken down those mental barriers and even allowed me to be excited for them instead!"
Bianca Mugyenyi
Bianca MugyenyiDirector, Canadian Foreign Policy Institute
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"If you want to be uplifted and inspired to show up for yourself and your community, I cannot recommend working with Mabel enough."
Shane Smyth MA, RP, OACCPP
Shane Smyth MA, RP, OACCPP Founder of Spacious Mind Couselling
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"Mabel's warm manner is combined with an honesty and openness that allowed me see my self sabotaging and blind spots. She helped me make the changes I needed in order to get out of my own way and allow my business to grow as well as help me feel more connected to others."
Amy Aitman
Amy AitmanCo-founder, Change Creator, Co-Creator, The Captivate Method
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"Since working with Mabel, I am more present in my life and taking on bigger challenges. I have also learned how to say no and prioritize what’s important to me. I’ve found a renewed energy in my life and work where before I was feeling drained, tired, overwhelmed and lost."
ChrisBusiness Leader & Competitive Athlete
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"I'm a firm believer that to be great we need teachers, mentors, and guides in life. For me, Mabel is all three."